Monday, April 09, 2007

Money and Sex

A recent survey confirmed what many parents have know all along: most parents have a preferred gender when it comes to having their next baby, and if the preferred gender doesn’t come along they are willing to have one more baby in the hope that this one will be the baby boy or girl they desire. Thus most parents end up having at least one child more than they had originally planned for.

The result of another survey, this time in the US, showed that raising up a child and seeing her/him through school and college would cost the parents nothing less than 80,000 US dollars.

Now, looking at both these findings together, it means that most parents undertake to spend at least 80,000 dollars extra on raising a child they had not planned to have, only because they were not able to choose the sex of their baby.

Is there a way out?

The most obvious one would be to try to have the boy or girl child of your choice the first time itself, so that you can limit your family size to what you had planned for earlier.

We now have the knowledge to do this without spending too much money.

Of course, if you want a 100 percent guarantee that you will be able to select the gender of your baby you will have to go in for hi-tech medical procedures involving IVF (even if you are capable of normal pregnancy) and PSD. These procedures will set yu back by nothing less than 50,000 dollars.

But if you are willing to settle for improving the odds by over 90 percent in favour of a baby of your preferred gender, you have low tech choices that do not require you to go to hospitals or take money out of your purse.

These methods are 100 percent safe and natural, and the information is easily obtained.


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