Thursday, April 19, 2007

Do You Work Out or Diet?

You hear a lot of people out there who oppose any talk of choosing the gender of your baby. They say that it is immoral to try to conceive the boy or girl of your choice. They argue that gender selection is an attempt at playing God. They say that one must leave the whole issue to a natural outcome.

If they were referring to such methods for gender selection as gene manipulation or choosing one or two embryos out of many grown in a lab dish and discarding the rest, I could at least understand them, even when I do not agree with them.

But when they oppose simple natural methods of gender selection, I can neither understand them nor agree with them.

So I ask:

Do you go to the gym, jog, or otherwise workout in order to improve fitness, to tone up your body, to feel fit and look attractive?

Do you avoid items in your food that can make you obese?

Do you consciously manage your diet to stay slim?

Do you manage your day to day life – your way of eating and living – to avoid lifestyle diseases?

Do you work your brain – solve crosswords, sudoku, write, to help your brain cells active and put off senility?

Do you use any method of birth control, including the “safe period”?

If you said “yes” to any of the above, then tell me, how is it different when you use a 100 percent natural method for choosing the gender of your baby, methods that only make use of modern scientific knowledge of the human reproductive system, a woman’s own observation and intuition about her body cycles, and the information we give you about your biorhythms?

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