Monday, April 09, 2007

A lot of Money may be able to Buy you the Sex you want

In the recent past we have seen several media reports about people going in for high tech medical procedures to select the gender of the baby they are going to have.

These procedures typically involve the following steps:

Tests and evaluations to determine the health of the couples' reproductive organs – comprehensive and expensive tests are involved.

Some method of improving the concentration of “boy” sperm or “girl” sperm as desired, in a given sample of semen taken for use in fertilisation. The most common method is centrifuging.

In vitro fertilisation – fertilisation of the egg in a lab dish to create the embryos.

Some kind of scanning of the embryos to determine their sex – low tech ways like selection by size, high tech methods using pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

Implantation of the selected embryo into the womb.

Choosing the sex of your baby using high tech procedures involve huge expenses of not less than 50000 US dollars. And even in the case of couples who can conceive normally through intercourse, the procedure involves artificial insemination. The success rate of pregnancy by artificial insemination is low even today.

Now, if the couple has a history of hereditary diseases in their families and they are apprehensive of the baby inheriting the disease-carrying gene, pre-implantation scanning of embryos to eliminate those that will lead to a seriously ill child may be a desirable option, even at such high cost.

But to go to this expense and inconvenience to merely choose the gender of your next baby is neither acceptable nor necessary.

If you do not have a compelling medical reason to spend 50000 dollars to select the sex of your baby, you can use other low tech methods that will improve the chances of having the boy or girl of your desire, with over 90 percent success. Some of these methods are 100 percent safe and natural, and do not involve the use of hormones or drugs.


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